An experienced team on stand-by, so you can focus on what matters.

New challenges and opportunities can appear anytime, but you need immediate resources to match them.

We have a diverse team with decades of experience in fintech with immediate availability.

Contact us now to find out how our on-demand team of founders, CTOs, developers and data scientists can support your success.

Platform migration

Reduce the risk of disruption and delays from complex migration projects.

Process optimisation

Address bottlenecks and deliver production-ready code.

Data vendor integration

Free your product team from vendor-specific concerns and avoid lock-in.

Technical due diligence

Acquiring complex technology is risky and needs specialised knowledge.

Managed outsourcing

Assure the quality and function of outsourced development.

Digital transformation

Capture and harness the value of data generated within your business.

Anomaly detection

Avoid disruption by detecting unforeseen errors or suspicious activity early.

Data modernisation

Lift data out of silos to increase flexibility, support innovation and lower costs.

Infrastructure as code

Provision infrastructure consistently and reliably with IaC, reducing risk and cost.

Introducing the team

We are a network of founders, leaders, developers and data scientists, with many decades of successful start-up experience. Our skills and knowledge span all areas of the fintech, asset management and hedge fund industry.

Our expertise spans the entire corporate lifecycle from founding, raising investments, scaling up and acquisition. We have experience working with all the major vendors, banks, pension funds and regulators, all around the globe.

From our network, we can select the team with the right mix of skills and experience to best match your requirements. We tightly integrated, having worked together for many years and require no supervision.

We provide the flexibility, separation of concerns, and tightly constrained risks and costs, that means you can remain agile.

While we prefer cloud-based solutions, we remain platform and vendor-neutral.

“Very commercially aware. The right-sized, solutions we needed.”

Sharon V. Collins, CEO TechBrain

“Clever, professional and friendly - these guys really know their stuff.”

Financial domain knowledge

In-depth knowledge of all aspects of fintech and asset management means we can quickly focus on your business goals while knowing which details matter. There is no need to waste time bringing us up to speed.

Results Focused

Each project addresses your unique business objectives and is designed to be transparent with regards to time, effort and risks. We are focused on results, not on logging meeting hours or document page count.

Free consultation

Openness and mutual understanding are essential for success. We are always available for an open, no-obligation discussion of your requirements and will happily explain our approach in detail.

Scalable and paced

Progress is transparent, divided into mutually agreed phases, and at a pace that suits your business. Flexibility is built-in, and we are ready to adapt to uncertain conditions and rapidly changing goals.